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A.R.E. News, 1968

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From the Collection: This collection consists of administrative records, publications, research data, and audio-visual materials that document the development and activities of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


  • 1968



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January, 1968 -Virginia Beach Calls You! Plan Your Summer Now -Christmastime at ARE -An ARE Group for All Comers -A Scenic Camp-Out -Study Group News -Asilomar Retreat -ARE Library News -March Retreat -Suggestions -Addition at Headquarters -Spring Conferences in Prospect

February, 1968 -At Virginia Beach: Spring Conference Program -New Librarian (Jane Killen) -ARE Summer Jobs at Virginia Beach and Camp -New Views on Leadership -Meditation Retreat at Headquarters -Course on Cayce (Mid-Peninsula Free University) -Lecturers and Teachers: 1968 Summer Activities at ARE Headquarters Virginia Beach -Causes and Cure of the Common Cold -Study Group News -J. Everett Irion on the Book of Revelation -Astrology Inquirers -We Can Help You (finding physicians) -Lecture (Elsie Sechrist in Portland, Oregon) -ARE Library News -A Leader Comments -Texas Statewide State Conference

March, 1968 -Significant Changes in Summer Program at Virginia Beach -Sunday Forum: Virginia Beach Headquarters -ARE Camp Season Adds Extra Weeks -ARE Staff Changes (Isabelle McCarthy and Nell Clairmonte) -Spring Conferences -The Fifth Annual ARE Midwest Conference at Unity Headquarters -Study Group News -Best Seller Again (The Sleeping Prophet) -An Author Lauds Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley -Special Notice: Change in Dues Billing Procedure -ARE of New York -Scholarship Donated (Genesis Group) -Brief Word from Col. Frank Adams

April, 1968 -Spring Conferences from Coast to Coast -Easter Prayer in Unison -Newly Added Chiropractic Research Division -First Northwest ARE Event for 1968 -Meditation Retreat -Study Group News -Important! Two New Books (Dreams Your Magic Mirror; Edgar Cayce on Atlantis) -The Bible and the Edgar Cayce Readings: Questions and Answers -luncheon honoring librarian Virginia Kerr's retirement -Volunteers Needed for Camp Construction -Jess Stearn and Reincarnation -Last Call for Summer Jobs

May, 1968 -Pre-History and the Edgar Cayce Readings (Shirley Winston) -Hanz Holzer and Rev. Tracy Walsh to lecture at Virginia Beach -Study Group News -How to Lead an ARE Study Group -ARE Camp (Wym Price) -The Bible and the Edgar Cayce Readings: Questions and Answers -ARE Library News -Texas Triumphs Again -A New Edgar Cayce Book in Prospect (Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus by Jeffrey Furst)

Lecturers and Teachers, 1968 Summer Activities, ARE Headquarters, Virginia Beach, Virginia

June, 1968 -Asilomar's Attractions -Lecturer DeLuxe (J. Gaither Pratt, Ph.D.) -Unique Week of Virginia Beach Summer (Hanz Holzer) -Greater Washington Area ARE's First Conference -Weekend Retreat -From Florida -ARE in New York City -Study Group News -ARE Overseas -Remember Camp -Dreams: Your Magic Mirror -The Bible and the Edgar Cayce Readings: Questions and Answers

July, 1968 -Youth Conference - A New Feature -Edgar Cayce Radio Show -Nationally Known Nutritionist (Adelle Davis) -San Francisco Bay Area Council Conference -San Antonio, Texas Conference -Denver Conference -First Cleveland (Ohio) Council Conference -Los Angeles Twenty-First ARE Conference -Asbury Park Session -How Science Now Recognizes and Makes Use of Dreams -ARE in New York City -ARE Library News -Study Group News -What Is Meditation? -Notes of Interest

August, 1968 -Two Outstanding Speakers at Headquarters (Dr. I.C. Sharma; Dr. R. Eugene Nichols) -Newly Elected Members: ARE Board of Trustees -Sleep Laboratory Project -New Staff Member (Michael C. Grimm) -In Memoriam (Albert E. Turner) -Northwest Conference -We Ask Your Patience (Circulating File Department) -Study Group News -ARE in New York -Be a Good Example - Or Follow a Good Example -Los Angeles ARE Fall Lectures -ARE Library News -New ARE Booklet (Highlights from the Edgar Cayce Work Readings) -The ARE Candid Camera -Sparks from Elsie Sechrist -Billing Reminder

September, 1968 -Fall Conference Theme: Balance - Body, Mind, Spirit -Second Annual Medical Symposium -At Virginia Beach Headquarters: Gleanings from Summer Speakers -Headquarters Helpers and ARE Camp Counselors -New Council Holds Dinner Party (Greater Kansas City Missouri) -Its Time Had Not Yet Come (ARE Radio series) -Study Group News -ARE in New York City -Proving the Subconcious -ARE Library News -News at a Glance -Cancer Linked with Emotion -Genevieve Schade newly elected to ARE Board of Trustees -Summer Choir at Virginia Beach Headquarters

October, 1968 -ARE Lecturers Cover the Country This Fall! -College Students Seek Course in ESP -ARE in New York City -News on Atlantis?! -Leadership Workshop for Executives -Sunday Forum Plans -Study Group News -Youth Conference at Headquarters -ARE Camp - 1968 (Wym Price, Camp Director) -In Cleveland, Ohio -ARE Library News -Daily Meditation Change -Winifred Parks, ARE Group Organizer for Washington State -Hospitality Aid -They Still Come -The Way to Ecstacy (poem by Tracy F. Walsh)

November, 1968 -Dr. Puryear Joins Headquarters Staff -Bishops Urged to Study Parapsychology -Sunday Forum at Virginia Beach -ARE in New York City: Coming Programs -Medical Symposium -Fall Conferences -Edgar Cayce in the Theatre -Study Group News -Virginia Beach Youth Council -New Council Activity (Western Connecticut) -Membership Message -New Book in the Edgar Cayce Series (Edgar Cayce on Dreams) -ARE Press -A Call from Elsie Sechrist -Council Offers Course on Dreams

December, 1968 -Merry Christmas from the ARE National Staff -A New ARE Service: Regional Representatives -Diet Is Important -ARE Events in Denver -Group Organizer and Lecturer (Phyllis Mainz) -Council Lectures Planned (San Francisco Bay Area) -Public Lectures Well Attended (Greater Kansas City) -Cleveland Week-end Conference -Study Group News -Membership Message -From the Fall Conference at Virginia Beach Headquarters: Gleanings from Hugh Lynn Cayce on "Balance" -ARE Library News -Request from Librarian -Publisher's Note to Regular Readers -From the Fall Conference at Virginia Beach Headquarters (Dr. I.C. Sharma on Balance from the Indian Standpoint)

December, 1968 -The Press Works: A Supplement of the ARE News


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